Chaffin Reunion

July 3, 2005

Kingston, Ohio

The Chaffin Reunion was held on July 3, 2005 at the Kingston Firehouse Annex in Kingston, Ohio.  There were approximately 75 at the reunion.  Some traveled from as far away as California and New York to attend this event.  The workhorse behind this effort was Anna May Kempton.  

Below are pictures of direct descendants of the children of John Chaffin and Mollie (Curnutte) Chaffin, affectionately known as Ma and Pa.  John is the descendant of William S. Chaffin and Genoa C. (Large) Chaffin.  Descendants included:

What a great time we had talking over old times and sharing pictures and family keepsakes with one another.

After the reunion Donna (Chaffin) Magill and her husband Bill Magill gave me a tour of the area which included a visit to William S. and Genoa Chaffin's grave; William and Genoa's home in Hallsville; the one-room school that grandpa John attended; John and Mollie's farm in Alma and the Chaffin family gravesite at the Greenlawn Cemetery in Chillicothe.  We also looked for Ma and Pa's place up on England Hollow Road but things have changed so much up there that we were unable to find it.

My father, Don, lived on the family farm in Alma.  Although the farm was located in Ross county, he was one of a few that was permitted to attend Waverly High School which is located in Pike County.

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Anna May Kempton.JPG (35709 bytes) Rosmary Don Donna.JPG (62091 bytes) Marylou and Loretta Sturgil.JPG (58064 bytes) Connie and Betty Ann.JPG (67703 bytes) Don & Marylou.JPG (56385 bytes)
Anna May Kempton

Rosmary Chaffin

Don Chaffin

Donna (Chaffin) Magill

Marylou McGuire and Loretta Sturgil Connie Bailey and Betty Tiberi Don Chaffin and Marylou McGuire
Don Mary Loretta Connie Betty.JPG (60213 bytes) Marylou Connie Don Betty Ann Penny.JPG (64038 bytes) Connie Wendell Don Char Penny John Betty Mary.JPG (62210 bytes) GGF headstone.JPG (101725 bytes) GGFather home 1.JPG (55745 bytes)
Don, Marylou, Loretta, Connie and Betty Marylou, Connie, Don, Betty and Penny Sitting L-R: Connie, Char, Penny, Marylou.

Standing L-R: Wendell, Don, John, Betty

William S. and Genoa C. Chaffin headstone

William S. 1857-1930

Genoa C. 1853-1932

Left front of William and Genoa' home in Hallsville
GGFather home 2.JPG (73592 bytes) GGF home 3.JPG (56817 bytes) GGF home 4.JPG (65266 bytes) Pa's school.JPG (62402 bytes) Dad's boyhood home 1.JPG (56637 bytes)
Right front of William and Genoa's home in Hallsville Left rear of William and Genoa's home in Hallsville Right rear of William and Genoa's home in Hallsville The one-room schoolhouse that John Chaffin attended Right rear of John Chaffin's farm in Alma
Dad's boyhood home 2.JPG (76640 bytes) Dad's boyhood home 3.JPG (113716 bytes) Dad's boyhood home 4.JPG (43381 bytes)    
Left front of John Chaffin's farm in Alma Right front of John Chaffin's farm in Alma The barn on the Chaffin family farm in Alma